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Pilot Blue combines songwriting prowess with an instrumentally unique musical sound, homely appeal, and a one of a kind catchy voice that cannot be matched by today’s musical elite.  Their lyrics in tandem with unique musicianship make them a ‘stand out of the crowd” type band in a sea of break-through musical acts. 

From humble garage band beginnings Pilot Blue has managed to formulate an alternative sound that appeals to the masses.  The band’s first effort entitled ‘Hunter Street’ gathered international recognition when the single ‘Poison Lips’ was selected to be a track on Drive-Thru Records and Purevolume.com presents, ‘Bands You Love, Have Heard Of, and Should Know’ compilation.  Their sophomore release, ‘Something Normal,’ revealed a more mature sound and exhibited their growth as a band.  Pilot Blue’s full length debut titled ‘Interactions’ gained notoriety when ‘Swine Part 1’ was chosen to be a single on ‘New Jersey Rockers For Life,’ an anti-drunk-driving awareness compilation sponsored by Illumina Records, and solidified the bands status as Rockers For Life. 

Pilot Blue has garnered praise from musical insiders, know-how’s, and lovers through median websites including; Drivenfaroff.com, Absolutepunk.net, and Mixposure.com, proving that their music and talent have the ability to entertain.  The band is set to release a highly anticipated EP within the year and is performing at local hot spots around the tri-state area.  Music, photos, and information about the band can be found through their websites; www.pilotblue.net , www.myspace.com/pilotblue , and www.purevolume.com/pilotblue.